panel from Three Waters, oil on canvas

I have always been interested in the influence of memory and the fleetingness of the present moment. I have explored this in landscape drawings and paintings that investigate the temporal fluidity of the horizon line, and the space where land, water and sky meet; in figure drawings and paintings that try to capture particular but tenuous times of life; and in mixed media sculpture and installation that reconfigure sketchbooks and journals. Finally, photography is the foundation of much of my art making- as a way of noticing and recording my world. 

Currently I am working on a project titled "The Creek,"  the only name I have known for the meandering, clay-infused creek I have loved since childhood. It is the same creek, just outside Amite, Louisiana, where my grandmother and her cousins played as children and young adults. It is the source and the vehicle I am using, sometimes literally, sometimes symbolically, to explore my family mythology passed down through my mother and grandmother, and since my mother's death, through the troves of letters and photographs she left behind.  I envision the culmination of this project as an installation that will include photographs, drawings, paintings and sound.